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Marc Krenn
Posted Apr 26 - Read on Facebook

The new "layer.draggable.momentum" (enabled by default) might brake "layer.on Events.DragEnd" in SOME CASES, returning a ScriptError when a draggable is released without momentum. Funnily enough, releasing the said layer with momentum will still work fine!

I'm talking about this common construction:

layer.draggable.enabled = true
layer.draggable.speedX = 0
# layer.draggable.momentum = false # <- fixes the problem

layer.on Events.DragEnd, ->
.....if layer.y > 100

It's a strange bug/feature and took me quite a while to figure it out, so I thought it would be nice to give you an headstart on your debugging process.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to replicate/confirm this behavior in an isolated case, so instead of a bug it could just be the result of my shaky programming ;)

Nonetheless, I'm not sure if draggable.momentum should be enabled by default. Somehow, it just feels wrong in most cases anyway. What do you guys think?


Fran Pérez

I've noticed this as well.

Koen Bok

So, in the ScriptError, what does the console actually say? I should be able to fix this.

Koen Bok

Ah, so I think this is fixed already. Check File > Update Framer for your project and it should be gone.

Marc Krenn

nope, Koen, unfortunately it still returns the same ScriptError

Koen Bok

Ok, then I missed something. I'll look into it after Kingsday.

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