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Shane Brown
Posted Jan 19 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to have Framer prototypes saved on to the phone, rather than be downloaded each time you want to show them?


Marc Krenn

Would you care to elaborate, Paul?
Adding ".offline" to my framerjs-share-URL doesn't work.

Paul Wan

To save your prototype for offline viewing, add /offline.html to the URL.

Marc Krenn

thank you!

Edit: Doesn't work for me though. Just adding "/offline.html" to the URL gives me a 404 error. When copying "index.html" and renaming it "offline.html" the file opens but it still won't be cached for offline use.

Paul Wan

maybe it's bug. it's work for earlier times.:(

Shane Brown

It looks like its been removed. All recent projects I have don't include /offline.html , but older ones do.

Koen, is this coming back? Being able to show it off on mobile quickly without net is a pretty big feature.

Is there any way to re-implement it for a project?

Shane Brown

It's also missing app.manifest

Cameron Luck


Jordan Robert Dobson

The Frames app will let you do this for a few bucks. I'd start there near term.

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