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Jeongmin Kim
Posted May 08 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone. Few days ago, Chris Lee announced a prototype of iOS Chrome by framer.

But real version's blue circle moves like Jelly.

So I try to made it more like Real by framer... divide it two pieces.. ^^
Did you find another way to reproduce this action?


Mike Kotsch

Can you share the code with us?

Jorn van Dijk

Hahaha this one's real fun.

Mike Kotsch

I'm searching for a way to transform bezier curves and this seems so close …

Jeongmin Kim

Mike Kotsch sure, but it's in office, plz wait a day. I used Utils.modulate

Sarthak Pranit

Holy awesome :D I can do this all day!

Yako Yako

Great !

Jeongmin Kim

Mike Kotsch This is a kind of fake.

Jeongmin Kim

Try like this

Lee Jungyoung


Peter Hilgersom

I dont even..

Giovanni Caruso

...oh f#ck!!!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Couldn't you also just adjust the radius on a single circle to get that kind of ellipse? You'd have to adjust the width as well.

Joshua Tucker
Jordan Robert Dobson

This should be possible with some basic border-radius settings on a single element in CSS. see:

Jeongmin Kim

Cyrus Cheng

Jeongmin Kim HI, can u share this project to us ?thanks very much...

Jeongmin Kim

Cyrus Cheng here it is! haha I didn't think about the easiest way.

Cyrus Cheng

Jeongmin Kim thanks very much ,it's cool enough...

Junhyuk Jang

how about this? I used 'scaleX'

Shane Brown

Jun-Hyuk Jang, I had a quick play with it and modified it so it adjusts the Y scale too.


I've got it sticking to points now. really fun to play with on the phone. It also has a personality of its own, not actually wanting to stay on point for some reason! but its too late for me to keep playing with it tonight

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