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Matt Marriotti
Posted Apr 23 - Read on Facebook

Trying to use the Framer app to view my project & the preview pane on the mac looks like how I built the screen, but the app is rendering everything in the top %30 of the iphone 6+ screen

Is there some setting that needs to be setup?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Matt Marriotti - this could be a few things. Are you sure you're on the latest Framer version? (File → Update Framer). We've pushed updates to fix iPhone 6+ rendering issues a few weeks ago. Or, perhaps you're using a different device within Studio? (iPhone 6 vs. 6+)

Matt Marriotti

took a look at the settings, but i seem to have framer set to 6+ & the device I'm previewing on is also 6+. However, when I try to open a shared link of the project ( it doesn't seem to load my elements fully. But the app itself renders the screen different than the browser preview.

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