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Michael Bing
Posted Apr 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi all

I am fairly new to framer, and coffeescript, but trying here ;) I have a question which i hope you can help with. I have made a list like this:

scroll = new ScrollComponent({
width: 750, height: 1334
backgroundColor: "#ccc"
scrollHorizontal: false

allLayers = for i in [0...10]
layerA = new Layer({
backgroundColor: "white"
superLayer: scroll.content,
width: scroll.width
height: 260
y: (260 + 1) * i

Now, i would like to connect say row 1 out of the 10. How can i call that?. I would like to add a tap action on the first row. I hope you understand my question here.



Michael Bing

lol, wow..... that was fast ;) Thank you so much!.

Jonas Treub
Koen Bok

Tsss, red. At least I made a nice springy bounce ;-)

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