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Gabriel Lovato
Posted Apr 23 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, recently I'm encountering Script Errors when importing from Sketch. The inspector error is :
[Error] TypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating 'Utils.zeroFrame()')
(anonymous function) (framer.js, line 6)"

I got it working by deleting some parts of the imported file and reimporting, but I can't really understand what is it that's causing the error. Any tips on how to pinpoint what in the sketch file may be causing this ?


Koen Bok

We had an error with this what was fixed in the latest Sketch. If you still get it with latest, send me the Sketch file at [email protected] and I'll check it out.

Gabriel Lovato

Hi Koen, I actually kept looking and found it. I had an empty layer folder in the Sketch Layer List. Which is weird since normally Sketch doesn't do empty folders (I think). Deleting the empty folder fixed the issue. In any case I was running Sketch Version 3.3 (11970), which I think is the lastest stable, and the latest Studio.

Koen Bok

Oh, good one. Benjamin mental note.

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