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Christian Poschmann
Posted Apr 22 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys,

latley i'm having the issue that my Sketch files don't scale to fit into the Framer Device frame.
I have a iPhone 6 Artboard in Sketch, but when I import into Framer it's way too small. A link to the project with the skech file is here:


Joey Banks

On Sketch's latest update, they made all of the artboards 1x by default now (they had all been 2x before). That might be it? Looks like it's about half the size that it should normally be. I was banging my head against my desk for a bit too. :)

Christian Poschmann

Joey Banks that's it! Didn't catch that one! Thanks! :D

Timur Nurutdinov

Actually designing at @1x is more convenient for me, but content scale works in range [0-1]. Looking forward to get x2 and x3 scales because sharing is a pain

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