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Marcin Wichary
Posted Apr 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey all, Noah Levin mentioned I could get a little bit of help with Framer Studio here… unsure if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is a Framer issue.

1. Go here:
2. Click/tap on the gray highlight.
3. A new pane will open.
4. Drag that pane left and right.

Issue: On a desktop browser, dragging works and I see DragStart/DragMove/DragEnd events (I am printing them for convenience). However, on the phone (simulated or Frameless) I only get DragStart and DragEnd.

I’ve heard that this should work on mobile too, and I am unsure why it doesn’t. The above prototype is a simplified case I prepared for this.

Any help would be appreciated!


Jason Ogle

Marcin, wish I could help with this (I'm pretty green too). Love that you're doing this though. I was going to take a stab at mobile commenting prototype for Medium as well when I saw that engagement is currently only possible on desktop.

Just published my first blog post on there today. Great design!

Ash Adamson

Hey Marcin! Come to our framer meetup in SF tomorrow!

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Marcin Wichary - thanks for including an example. The issue is that you're also setting scroll to "true". On mobile, the scroll event triggers first and prevents the DragMove event from being caught.

Also, I'd recommend using the new ScrollComponent instead of layer.scroll. It works on Desktop because layer.scroll uses native scrolling, which doesn't include dragging/clicking. The ScrollComponent is also built on draggable layers and includes many properties and methods that make setting up documents like this easier. You'll have to update Framer within your project, though, I see you're using an older version. (File → Update Framer)

Marcin Wichary

Thanks! I feared it was something like that. I wish those kind of gotchas were documented better; Framer promises to smooth out a lot of those kinds of cross-platform problems, so it’s not obvious which ones remain.

I have meant to try out the new stuff, but for this prototype that’d require a bigger rewrite which I wanted to avoid. :·)

Marcin Wichary

Ben, sorry, out of town this week…

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