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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Apr 11 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! Here's a new ScrollComponent example that highlights a swipe-and-scroll interaction. All cards are scrollable, and can be deleted by swiping them either left or right, to which the rest of the cards respond accordingly. The interaction is based on your dragging velocity and your dragging distance.

It includes a few nifty tricks 'n methods:
- directionLock and directionLockThreshold
- Events.DirectionLockDidStart
- updateContent()
- draggable.velocity

Hope this is helpful to some of you tinkering with the new ScrollComponent and Draggable! :-) Download:


Michał Sambora

Beautiful! Thanks a lot Benjamin

Jorn van Dijk

Super nice.

Andrew Nalband

Wow, this is totally AWESOME - nice work and thanks for sharing

Matt Wujek

Nice job guys! Keep up the great work!

Rob Jones

Very cool!

Joel Leví Hernández

Say no to static hand prototypes!

Joel Leví Hernández

Ivan Korzun

Jack Wong

How can I add an animation after all layers being destroyed? Thank you so much !!!!!

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