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Albin Martinsson
Posted Apr 21 - Read on Facebook

I've been using Adria Jimenez inputModule for a project and I'm trying to change the input type to date. I tried to tamper with the file but then I realized that I have no idea what I'm doing. Do you guys know how to go about this?


Adria Jimenez

Hello Albin Martinsson what do you mean by change to input type date?

Albin Martinsson

I want the keyboard to show dates instead of letters. In regular HTML you'd write <input type="date"> instead of <input type="text">. Any clue how :)?

Adria Jimenez

Oh! Ok I just updated the module to support the type. Take a look

There is now a type parameter.
I hope it helps :)

Albin Martinsson

That's awesome! Thank you so much :)

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