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Ash Adamson
Posted Apr 21 - Read on Facebook

Framer community, I need your help! I'm having trouble with scrollComponent and pageComponent!

The viewers layer somehow moves the scrollComponent on the y axis when it's not supposed to. Then when I drag diagonally right quickly on the viewers scroll, I sometimes pull up the second page. I've tried horizontallock, direction lock and frankly have no clue how to fix this.

Please help!


Ash Adamson

Okay, so here's an update. It completely breaks when I make videoView a superLayer of the pageComponent.

Koen Bok

So in your first example, the page component by default puts the page in the top left corner. Because the second page from the right is lower than the first, it pages up.

Koen Bok

In your second example it's harder to guess what is breaking. There are a couple of layers called "video". What is supposed to happen?

Ash Adamson

Thanks for responding Koen! So I'm remaking the Periscope app as practice. The videoview layer is the superlayer for everything because you can drag it down and release to close out the window. The viewers object is essentially showing you who's tuning in and you can also swipe right to switch to a chat mode with the same video.

So I've built everything on top of the videoview because it can all be dragged and released to close. Since you can also swipe to change from the viewers mode to the chat mode, I put a page component on top of it. Right now the swiping between screens only works when the videoview is not the superlayer. Does that makes sense? Thanks

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