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Petter Nilsson
Posted Apr 20 - Read on Facebook

Hey! I've created a module that makes it super easy to set up a tab bar navigation. It has some nice features and is pretty customizable. Started out as something I needed for a project, but then rewrote it into a module to learn more about framer/coffeescript. Any thoughts on how to improve it is greatly appreciated :)


Benjamin Den Boer

This looks awesome, Petter :)

Mark Bianco


Giovanni Caruso

Nice! Thanks for sharing it :)

Michał Sambora

This is something I was looking for :D thanks!

Joel Leví Hernández

You guys are rebuilding the cocoa touch framework as framer modules. Nice.

Petter Nilsson

Thanks for the kind words :) Glad it was appreciated!

Cemre Güngör

Jordan Robert Dobson


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