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Julian Camacho
Posted Apr 21 - Read on Facebook

A proposal of a confirmation dialog for wearable devices (smart watches).
It gives you assurance that you are selecting the right option even when the UI element is under your finger, besides, you can change your opinion while performing the action.

As a good prototype, it is not final and rather serves as a way to receive feedback from potential users (you!), so I can iterate on it (or throw the idea away). Please let me know your thoughts :D

The code is WIP but you can grab it here:


Lydia White

I think 'yes' and 'no' should swap positions (an age old debate), but otherwise looks great! Could also be a long press to confirm delete instead of having to make another active choice

Ankit Aggarwal

Looks awesome. Looks like it can be a pain if you want to mass delete items however. How would you handle that case, if it exists? Have you considered a Google style Undo for the Watch?

Julian Camacho

I don't think a watch would be the right place to do a bulk deletion. An undo could be an option too! :)

Kevin Cannon

It's a fine prototype, but i think we need less literal UIs on wearables. How do you keep people in the flow? Dialogs break that. Here's a good discussion in the topic:

Albin Martinsson

Lydia White is there anyway to replicate longpress through framer?

Julian Camacho

Albin Martinsson maybe using the touchStart event, starting the animation there and using some kind of timer to know when the long press has finished. And of course resetting the animation on touchEnd... maybe :P

I did something like that for another prototype I made, when selecting a playlist:

Joshua Tucker

I think everyone brings up great points on this (strongly agree with dialogue Kevin Cannon). If the issue is accidentally deleting something, and say Undo isn't as plausible on a small device, why not just make the Delete action more difficult to do? Incorporate say your tap + drag passed threshold to delete something. You will have removed a step and made it a fluid/extremely confirmational action.

(My idea coming soon).

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