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William Song
Posted Apr 18 - Read on Facebook

An interesting navigation feature for Instagram. To navigate pictures on the original Instagram app, you'd have to go back and forth. For example, to go back to the previous screen after you clicked a photo in the Explore section, you can either click the left arrow, or slide the screen to the right.

I think there are better/quicker ways to navigate through many photos, so I spent an hour exploring possible navigation options for Instagram. I don't consider this to be a must-have feature, but for those who wants a faster way to navigate through a bunch of pictures, this feature might help them. To initiate this feature, you will tap and hold one of the pictures, then select as many pictures as you'd like to view.


Kevin Cannon

I think left/right swiping between photos is a bizare omission by Instagram, so can only assume there's a strong reason for not having it.

As for this method proposed here. I think it's a really interesting approach. I'm not sure this model "multi-slect then browse" is needed in Instagram though. It's a very "brain intensive" interaction.

I could see it being very useful in other contexts though. Perhaps double checking something before upload, or similar.

Nice exploration.

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