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Jon Nguyen
Posted Apr 18 - Read on Facebook

I'm trying to use the TouchMove event, but it seems to constantly fire if the cursor is anywhere over the layer. I was expecting it to only fire if I am touching the layer and move the cursor (between a TouchStart and TouchEnd event).

For example, if I add this to the bottom of the default example when you create a new project, it seems to fire if you put the cursor over the icon but never start a touch on it.

iconLayer.on Events.TouchMove, ->
print "moving!"

Am I doing something incorrect?


Cemre Güngör

maybe you want drag move?

Cemre Güngör

another thing you can do is enable a flag on touchstart and check for that. touchmove translates to mousemove on desktop :)

Jon Nguyen

Cemre Güngör thanks!

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