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Ken Yiu
Posted Apr 16 - Read on Facebook

Use getPointAtLength() to create follow along path animation


Stephen Crowley

This just gave me an idea for an animation- thanks for sharing!

Nando Rossi

FYI it's off on safari for iPhone

Nando Rossi

I guess it may have to do with it being a 6 plus

Ken Yiu

The viewport is using iphone5 (640x 1136). Need to update the viewport size for other devices

Jordan Robert Dobson


Mike Kotsch

Is there a way to write back into the vector and transform that?

Ken Yiu

Just create a new overlay layer and center it

Ken Yiu

You can create your own SVG path in illustrator, and set the size of the artwork you like

Dylan Opet

Cool stuff man! Thanks

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