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David Phillips
Posted Apr 16 - Read on Facebook

Are there any plans for expanding the "Share" functionality in Framer Studio? On the one hand, the 1-click and share flow is very cool, but there are several issues with that for client work:

1) not every client will be comfortable with a prototype on someone else's server that isn't behind a password.
2) the link changes with each iteration.
3) it doesn't seem like you can ever take down a proto that you've shared. Bad for multiple reasons: clients with old links, outdated thinking, team changes, etc.
4) the "open" and "download" buttons are a distraction for certain audiences.

I'd really like to see an "export" feature...


David Phillips

Ah, I see now that .framer files are just a folder container for the html+other files. So there's that.

Koen Bok

Yup, we'd love to make sharing better.

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