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Joshua Tucker
Posted Apr 27 - Read on Facebook

My first stab at Leap Motion + FramerJS. Followed the beginner's tutorial for the API and got it working. This will keep me pretty busy for a while :).

Anyone else played around with this before? (Sorry for ambient noise)


Brandon Souba

Very cool.

Vipin Kosuri

Awesome!!! Nice work.

Hugo van Heuven


Nir Benita

Amazing! Gabriel Grinberg

Walmyr Carvalho

Wow, nice stuff

Tabris Chen

super cool !

Rachel Kern


Svet Denkov

Good job! Would love to see the source :)

David Kooiboi

I'm pretty jealous to be honest

Claudio Silva

Neat! cats following hand movements.

Calvin Wilson

Dayuuum! Nice!

Joshua Tucker

Hey all! Since a few people asked, I am sharing the project code –

My initial hesitation to share wasn't because I'm wanted to keep it for myself, I just felt it would be lame if I shared it when I essentially just translated the code from their Getting Started page with little adaptation. Nonetheless, I made sure to credit where I got the code from in the project AND I will be returning to the group in the near future with a LeapMotion project of my own that I will ABSOLUTELY share, don't you worry.

Here are the other links:


Svet Denkov

Joshua, I tried it with the latest build of LEAP on a MacBook Yosemite, but I am not getting the tracking to work. In LEAP's diagnostic everything checks out (real time tracking is on). Tried running it directly from the share link and locally in Framer, but no dice. Is there some intermediate step you have to set up? PS: Running latest version of Framer Studio.

Mike Kotsch

Nice one. Males mir want to get a leap. Guess that's a good thing.

Ayush Saraf

I love leap, its so easy to use. try
this game I made on leap. its multiplayer game..
^ here is the github repo if you wanna take a look at it!

Pieter-Jan Liekens

This is very nice. Have you looked into defining metrics for navigation?

Joshua Tucker

Pieter-Jan Liekens Yes, definitely. This was just my first real attempt to get it working. I'll be focusing on other things like navigation as I move forward.

Pieter-Jan Liekens

That's awesome. Keep me posted. This feels so futuristic.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Awesome Joshua Tucker I just got an Oculus yesterday. Was considering this as well. I wonder if you can do anything with Oculus and Framer.

Joshua Tucker

Jordan Robert Dobson Try it! That'd be sweeeeeeeet.

Jordan Robert Dobson

What was your time into the leap motion and getting it all setup with Framer?

Stephen Crowley

Something to explore Jordan in a Framer-Seattle meetup :)

Joshua Tucker

Jordan Robert Dobson To translate the code I showed here from the example, maybe like 5-10 minutes. I don't quite understand every part myself but it's a step in the right direction.

Karan Ganesan


Joshua Tucker

Svet Denkov Hey Svet! Still running into issues? I'm unclear where there might be a trip-up.

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