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Daniel Maniés
Posted Apr 15 - Read on Facebook

I guess there is no solution, but does anybody know how to disable the form bar over the keyboard when I click on an input field in an iOS browser like Safari or Frameless? Thanks in advance!


Joey Lamelas

I've been trying to find a way to fix this too. Please let us know if you come across anything!

Andreas Mitschke

This is not possible in a public web-frame and just on native level disabling UIKeyboardWillShowNotification via objC/swift or wrappers like phonegap and triggerio also can do this.

Best choice for prototyping purposes: fake the keyboard, fake the input trigger.

Daniel Maniés

Ok, thank you Andreas Mitschke :) I usually fake the keyboard and the input, but there was a little hope.

Ian McClure
Andreas Mitschke

Ian McClure It's "exactly" what I mentioned, but how should that help? You can't use a triggerio wrapper module for a web framework that is framerjs.

Or at least that's beyond my specific knowledge how that should work.

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