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Blaine Billingsley
Posted Sep 08 - Read on Facebook

Got a couple questions about draggable/input fields. I have a text field that I want to be able to focus on and type into (a la Ed Chao's example), but I also want to be able to drag its parent element up to reveal other content. Whenever I set draggable to true, it kills all of the focus/blurring on the child elements. How can I get these two interactions to play nice?


Jeff B. Léonard

hey Blaine Billingsley - did you ever figure this out?

Blaine Billingsley

I think I did.... haha. it has been a while. I think i ended up focusing the field onDragEnd, which was sufficient for my case. If you need more complex interaction, you'd need to add some more logic regarding the touch down events.

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