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Nir Benita
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

Are there any differences from Framer Studio, or using Framer.js in terms of prototyping capabilities?

The live preview is great, but I'm just more comfortable using Sublime and the browser


Sudhir Nain

Studio is way faster since the view updates in real time.

Andreas Mitschke

Sudhir Nain That's wrong... to that end you can use browsersync or livereload. Will be the same.

And no, studio is basically made for the non-coder in mind. The person that does not have a coding work-flow and editor of choice he feels comfortable with.

However, it's also refined to work flawlessly for the specific task that is framerjs all about including importing and automation tasks.

So, all things short, no there is no difference, the js framework is the same, but studio makes things way easier and is worth it (if you are not on Windows that is) :D

Josef Richter

By buying Studio, you're supporting the guys developing Framer. And they are doing great job, so they deserve your money ;-)

Koen Bok

Andreas is completely right. Framer Studio is just a nice way to work with Framer.js. Framer.js itself is completely free to use, modify or even sell.

Nir Benita

Oh I already bought studio... Its just that now I feel comfortable enough with the framework to the point where I think I'll work faster with Sublime

Jonas Treub

Nir: Wat things would you like to see improved in Studio? Always eager for feedback :)

Nir Benita

It's the little things, my plugins, multiple selection etc

Josef Richter

Would be good to be able to open tabs with other files in FS. Sometimes you need to tinker with the html file if you integrate additional stuff etc. That's why I also keep the project open in Sublime, besides FS. Is there a way to integrate sublime into FS maybe?

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