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Constantin Jacob
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys & girls,

I'll be around in Berlin and I'm already really excited to see what's happening.
For anyone interested I have offered before to write something up on how to install Gitlab (Free open source Git Server) on a really cheap hosted server (VPS). I don't have time to write this up at the moment but I'd like to offer to help some in Berlin if anyone is interested and if Koen Bok is ok with it (due to schedule etc and me doing something somewhat unrelated to Framer there. I don't want to be an attention whore. I'd just like to help you guys out)

Disclaimer: I do not work for said hosting company and I do not get any money advertising them. I would simply help you deploy Gitlab with them because I have 3 servers myself all over the world and have not yet experienced any downtime. I simply advise you to choose them because they are awesome in every way! (And I got to know some really kind people working there)

Also: if anyone is staying longer and likes to get advise for food/bars/partying hit me up as well. I'm in town until Sunday night.