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Junhyuk Jang
Posted Oct 13 - Read on Facebook

I made "Long press" affordance prototype.
I use some trigger to make long press gesture.
Please check this url :


Mike Feldstein

Looks nice! Two points of feedback if you're looking for some:

1) There's no 'trigger point' where its clear that you've triggered the long press. I found myself holding down for a much longer time than is necessary, or alternatively letting go too early. This could probably be solved by some kind of visible "pop" to let you know when you've reached the threshold

2) Can you make it pop out the numbers while your finger is still down? I think that would solve number one, as well as let you select an option with just one touch (press-hold drag to the option, lift up). It would also be far harder to prototype but its a challenge.

Mike Feldstein

you could also use haptic feedback to let the user know they've triggered it

Junhyuk Jang

Mike Feldstein yes, I think haptic is better!!

James Ebeling

Jon Madison

Jon Madison


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