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Balraj Chana
Posted Apr 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, it's great to be part of the group!

As I'm fairly new to Framer JS, I've been looking for a way to detect which layer was selected within an array of layers without repeating myself. I'm sharing it in case anyone needs it so check out the demo here: Any feedback is welcome!


Joshua Tucker

Balraj Chana Hey man, we are equally as excited to have you here, welcome! I downloaded your project and it would appear you've got it squared away already (looping through an array and adding an event listener). Does that cover your question?

Balraj Chana

Hey Josh, thank you! Sure, I was just sharing the solution incase anyone else needed it. I couldn't find an example so I thought it would be useful. Thanks again :)

Joshua Tucker

Oh ok, awesome! Thanks for being willing to share. Hope to see more of your creations soon!

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