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Matt Barr
Posted Apr 13 - Read on Facebook

Is it possible to have a draggable layer's feed layer exceed the bounds of the art board where the position of the feed layer has negative X and Y values in Sketch? It seems like it only drags the layer in the positive direction (to the right and down). The phone UI sits at X:0 Y:0 on the art board and the feed layer is a sub-layer in the UI hierarchy. Thanks for any help!


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Matt Barr - are you working with the ScrollComponent or PageComponent? Could you send me an example file? :-)

Matt Barr

Benjamin I'm working with ScrollComponent, you can take a look at the issue here

Benjamin Den Boer

Matt Barr - ah, I see. You'll probably want to adjust the draggable constraints of the scroll.content layer yourself, according to the offset x/y values of your design in Sketch. Think of the constraints as another layer that contains your draggable layer. In fact, you can also use the frame (a frame is: x, y, width, height) to define the constraints.

scroll.content.draggable.constraints = {x:-200, y:-200, width:200, height:200}


scroll.content.draggable.constraints = layerA.frame

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