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Ken Yiu
Posted Apr 15 - Read on Facebook

A simple sample of drawing vector path in Framer using paper.js and svg strokeDasharray and strokeDashoffset properties


Derek Mack

Nice one, I can see that being really useful

Ken Yiu

yes, you can draw any paths in illustrator and export as SVG and do the animation using paper.js in Framer

Kevin Velasco

*slow clap*

Joey Lamelas

*fast clap*

Kevin Velasco

*golf clap*

Moaaz Sidat

Good stuff!

Raphael D'Amico

*clap clap!*

Jason Valenti

Pieter Snoeck

Ken Yiu, what exactly are you using from paperjs in the example?

Ken Yiu

Pieter Snoeck not much, though to draw the path using paper.js instead using illustrator SVG but now is easier to understand

Blaine Billingsley

holy smokes!

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