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Andre Sebastian Tacuyan
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook

I need a lot of help with this: Doesn't help that my first prototype I'm making with framer has to be something for Android Wear, something I can't find any examples for. So frustrating haha I'm having a ton of problems with this when it should be something super simple.


Taylor Rogalski

Perhaps if you explain the issues you are encountering, it will be easier for others to help.

Andre Sebastian Tacuyan

Another problem is it's hard to explain what I'm trying to do sorry. I'm having trouble with the states. How can I make it do one thing when tapping on an object but do another if you press it down?

Andre Sebastian Tacuyan

And I don't know why the video isn't appearing when I share it but on my own screen on framer it's fine

Ke Wang

Hey Andre, thiis is Ke. I could see the video when I downloaded it. So what exactly are you trying to do with the two actions?

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