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Sebastien Tran
Posted Apr 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey, is there a way to install older versions of Framer? The latest update seems to have messed up one of my prototype with ScrollComponent but not sure :-/


Koen Bok

I'd love to check out the bug. But you can find every build at

Sebastien Tran

hey Koen Bok ! that'd be helpful, How can we do this privately? Also, how can I install a specific old build? thx !

Koen Bok

Just download it and put it in the framer folder of your project.

You can mail me directly at [email protected]. Thanks!

Simon Baumgärtner

I think it's because the googlechrome update. We had the same problem yesterday.

Sebastien Tran

Been able to fix it myself. A layer set as hidden in my .sketch was causing the bug once in Framer, though it was working fine until a few days before (ie. latest Sketch and Framer updates). Removing it from Sketch (or keeping it and make it invisible in Framer) solved my bugs (basic slide + scrollcomponent a bit broken)

I tried to replicate my bug in this simple example and here a screenshot of the corresponding .sketch file. The 'red' layer set as invisible in Sketch causes the bug when animating 'page02' layer.

Koen Bok

Ok thanks for investigating, we're going to fix this.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Sebastien Tran - any chance you could send me the .Sketch file of your latest example? I'd like to take a look at this today for you. :-)

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