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Chris Camargo
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook

So my Framer workshops at the office have been going incredibly well, and I keep getting asked to repeat my intro session. I've been thinking about offering intro workshops via live stream. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good (free) streaming platform that could allow interactivity with the presenter?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Any tips / help you can give me for my talk would be appreciated.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Google hangouts?

Chris Camargo

So my workshops are less of a demo and have more a "follow along" format. All the presenting has been done in Framer Studio, no slides. #hardcore And I like to quiz my workshop participants... ask for answers before I provide them. The Socratic method gets people very engaged.

Starting off with an intro to the UI, some brief CoffeeScript basics about what variables are, the difference between var types, show them the difference between math and concatenation, how "print" is your friend, then it's off to Framer-land with Layers and Events. The first workshop is focused on building an actual thing, with real assets, so I created an asset package everyone could download from the workshop invite beforehand.

Rohan K

I'd really be interested in something like this

Koen Bok


Chris Camargo

Rohan, I'll keep the group updated on this. Koen, Twitch is a good option for one-to-many, but limited to chat feedback back to the presenter... Maybe that's a good thing. :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Michael Pierce

Ash Adamson

Chris, Rohan, Koen, check out great example is . It runs on google on air, so you'd do a screenshare to show your screen. Great part is audience can upvote questions and topics.

Ash Adamson

ps. Chris, let me know when youre streaming!

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