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Mike Kotsch
Posted Apr 09 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, can you tell me how I make two things happen:
+ just show the top three circles (not the other ones)
+ give those three circles a mouseover event as well.

Thanks a lot in advance.


Mike Kotsch

I changed the opacity for the first 5 circles, as a workaround now – making them invisible.

Pieter Snoeck

without trying it ...

circles = 8
//add a variable for the 3 circles
amountCircles = 3
//change the start angle
angle = step*5
//create an array
circlesArr = []
[1..amountCircles].map (a) ->
//store them in an array

//later you can loop through the array to animate them and give them Events

//like I said ... in theory

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