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Hugo des Gayets
Posted Apr 20 - Read on Facebook

Hey, I have a question: What is the equivalent of MouseOver for touchscreen devices ? I have a TouchStart action, and I need to "TouchOver" something during my "TouchMove"...


Koen Bok

The equivalent is indeed TouchMove. You want to attach it on TouchDown and remove it on TouchEnd.

Hugo des Gayets

Thanks Koen Bok !

Johannes Eckert

That sounds pretty clever to .on and .off it dynamically — what would be the reason to do so and not have it be permanently assigned?

Greg Housset

Koen Bok can you elaborate on how to get the hover event over a layer on mobile to work? Mouse over obviously worked for me on desktop but not on mobile. Then I was able to get TouchMove to work on Desktop but it still did not work on mobile.

Greg Housset

or Hugo des Gayets, would you mind sharing how you got this to work? Thanks so much

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