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Josef Richter
Posted May 22 - Read on Facebook

Trouble with TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'this._simulation.y')

I'm trying to create the yahoo-news-digest-app-style interactions which is basically 1) parallax effect when swiping left/right and 2) scale effect when pulling down the content below image.

It works, but sometimes the bottom draggable part doesn't seem to be picking up the swipe gesture at first shot. Also getting the above mentioned TypeError which I cannot track down.

It might be a bit too complex, but does anyone know how to fix that please?


Koen Bok

I already fixed it. Just do File > Update Framer and it should be gone. I'll try and push a Framer Studio update later today.

Josef Richter

thanks a lot!

Chris Camargo

Hey Koen Bok, I'm running into this error myself just today when working with a draggable layer. This error occurs intermittently, but its frequent enough that we may not be able to proceed with this current approach unless we can find a solve, as the error will usually prevent drag momentum from working.

Koen Bok

Can you make sure that you are running with the latest framer.js? Click file > update framer. I might have overlooked something, but I was pretty sure this was fixed.

Chris Camargo

Indeed I am. Even tried copy/pasting the code to a new .framer project to eliminate any potential legacy influences.

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