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Ash Adamson
Posted Apr 22 - Read on Facebook

Would anyone want to teach me Framer? I'm a designer and hoping I could find someone to tutor me once or twice a week.

I need help reading code in examples, and understanding fundamentals of what's going on. We could meet online.



Jordan Robert Dobson

Message me. I might be interested.

Brandon Souba

If you live in San Francisco, I can show you in person.

Jenn Tran

wow! i can get to sf. and have been wanting to learn myself. is there a study group of sorts? but Brandon Souba i'd really like to take you up on your offer :)

Brandon Souba

If there is enough interest, we can probably make a night of it somewhere in SF.

Ash Adamson

Brandon, Jenn, yeah! Maybe we can have a framer party.

George Kedenburg III

I'd be down to come help Brandon. I'm sure Cemre and Joe would also (we all teach the Framer class at FB)

Mike Feldstein

I'm down to help out and learn at a framer party

Sebastián Ribas Nijkerk

If there's anything like this happening in NY, I am in!

Thomas Quarre

I'm in SF and would definitely be interested in meeting up and learning more framer, if there is enough interest Brandon Souba Ben Oprstu Adamson George Kedenburg III Jenn Tran. LMK!

Cyrus Cheng

if there's some party in shanghai ,i will be interesting in ...

Fran Pérez

+1 SF ;)

CeDerrick Mixon

Make a Google hangout of it for people in Atlanta(mostly me!)

Kara Zor EL

Anyone in Austin? I'm in the same boat as Ben Oprstu Adamson

Jenn Tran

ME!!! i was just about to send a private message to you guys

Joey Wu

Omg framer party in SF! Add me!

Joshua Tucker

Definitely down for meeting up in SF with a bunch of you peeps! In case no one has expressed Ben, we are always glad to help if you post in this group or message us (at least me anyway). We can help you get up to speed and become a Framer "Master" in no time :).

Mariya Yao

Also down for Framer party in SF. Woot woot!

Lee Gentry

+1 SF!

James Hsu

So when's SF framer learning party 2015 going down, can I join, and is it BYOB?

Chris Cacioppe

Live stream so Australia can join

Ash Adamson

Awesome! Does anyone have access to space that can fit 15-20 people?

James Hsu

+1 for live stream, guiz.

George Kedenburg III

George Kedenburg III

no promises but i'll see if i can find somewhere to host us in SF

Neema Mahdavi

Haha, I actually recently talked to Cemre about how to teach Framer, would love to be involved somehow so I can learn how to teach it George.

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