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Ash Adamson
Posted Apr 22 - Read on Facebook

Would anyone want to teach me Framer? I'm a designer and hoping I could find someone to tutor me once or twice a week.

I need help reading code in examples, and understanding fundamentals of what's going on. We could meet online.



Jordan Robert Dobson

Message me. I might be interested.

Jenn Tran

wow! i can get to sf. and have been wanting to learn myself. is there a study group of sorts? but Brandon Souba i'd really like to take you up on your offer :)

Ash Adamson

Brandon, Jenn, yeah! Maybe we can have a framer party.

George Kedenburg III

I'd be down to come help Brandon. I'm sure Cemre and Joe would also (we all teach the Framer class at FB)

Mike Feldstein

I'm down to help out and learn at a framer party

Sebastián Ribas Nijkerk

If there's anything like this happening in NY, I am in!

Thomas Quarre

I'm in SF and would definitely be interested in meeting up and learning more framer, if there is enough interest Brandon Souba Ben Oprstu Adamson George Kedenburg III Jenn Tran. LMK!

Cyrus Cheng

if there's some party in shanghai ,i will be interesting in ...

Fran Pérez

+1 SF ;)

CeDerrick Mixon

Make a Google hangout of it for people in Atlanta(mostly me!)

Kara Zor EL

Anyone in Austin? I'm in the same boat as Ben Oprstu Adamson

Jenn Tran

ME!!! i was just about to send a private message to you guys

Joey Wu

Omg framer party in SF! Add me!

Joshua Tucker

Definitely down for meeting up in SF with a bunch of you peeps! In case no one has expressed Ben, we are always glad to help if you post in this group or message us (at least me anyway). We can help you get up to speed and become a Framer "Master" in no time :).

Mariya Yao

Also down for Framer party in SF. Woot woot!

Lee Gentry

+1 SF!

James Hsu

So when's SF framer learning party 2015 going down, can I join, and is it BYOB?

Chris Cacioppe

Live stream so Australia can join

Ash Adamson

Awesome! Does anyone have access to space that can fit 15-20 people?

James Hsu

+1 for live stream, guiz.

George Kedenburg III

George Kedenburg III

no promises but i'll see if i can find somewhere to host us in SF

Neema Mahdavi

Haha, I actually recently talked to Cemre about how to teach Framer, would love to be involved somehow so I can learn how to teach it George.

Jenn Tran

George Kedenburg III, let me know if you need some help. i have some ideas.

Ash Adamson

George, message me. I just added you.

Alexander King

Whoa I'm down. SF. Is this happening?

Alexander King

I have some interesting stuff to share and would be happy to help in any way... Teach... Whatever

Ash Adamson

Alexander, working on it. We need a space with a big table for lots of laptops. Heard Github had a big table...

Alexander King

The do indeed have a big table. Many big tables.

James O'Neill

I am in for an SF meetup!

Jordan Robert Dobson

So... I think you have some interested people!! awesome.

Alexander King

Just bought Who wants to help me build it?

Brain Rush

Count me in for live streaming! Or a Portland meetup.

Koen Bok

cc Ben Blumenfeld maybe Designer Fund can help with a space.

Cheryl Chepusova

I would be interested

Courtney Beyer

Me too!

Stuart Griffiths

^ Excited about this thread's momentum!

Alexander Tran

+1 me in SF! This would be GREAT.

Lee Gentry

I can try to get a hold of some friends at github about space.

Joey Lamelas

Framer meet up? :D

Stephen Crowley

Framer meetup? How about FramerCon 2015?! :)

James Hsu


Emir Al Kafadji

oh my god, I wish I lived in the US right now. I love how Ben Oprstu Adamson just asked someone to teach him and you guys basically made a new convention....

Courtney Beyer

I am getting in contact with the organizers of the Wix lounge to see if we can use the space in the evening - I will report back my findings.

Josef Richter

Any NYC framers around here? :-)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Josef Richter - Hit up my brother Josh Rule.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Stephen Crowley - let's hope we get this turn out in Seattle! Johannes & Chris Camargo...

Johannes Eckert

If this becomes a serious event, it would be really nice to get this video-recorded both the speakers and the code. It shouldn't take away from a nice barcamp-like experience, but this would make this very valuable for the global framer community.
It doesn't have to be live, but its a gold nugget for everybody learning. Plus, it shows the community that we are very active.

I am thinking about the lines of the framer meet up in SF once:

Josh Rule

Josef Richter I'm not super solid on Framer yet but definitely interested in getting better and getting together.

James Hsu

Yo guys, you want me to reach out to AIGA SF and see if they can hook it up with space/video resources?

Ash Adamson

Okay, so we're doing this! If you want to be a teacher or speaker please message me. Also, we need a good space to fit about 30 people. Once I have a good idea of who's teaching and what space will post event info.

Ash Adamson

Yes I also want to record the event, anyone with experience doing live streaming would be helpful, hit me up.

Margo Prais

Count me in also for live streaming! So Ukraine can join u guys! Thanks

Giovanni Caruso

Count me in for live streaming (Italy). Interested to improve my Framer Studio "proficiency". Thanks :)

Alexander King

This thread is now (officially) the most magical thing that Facebook has ever produced for me.

Michał Sambora

Live streaming sounds awesome, count me in too :D

Ash Adamson

Mike, Brandon, sent you a message.

Ricardo Aguilar

+1 me in SF too. Thanks.

Sai Perchard

+1 SF

Silvia Bormüller

+1 live streaming

Riva Chen

anyone in bay area want to study together?

Akshay Thakare

Mumbai,IN area anyone? And +1 live streaming

Daniel Chang

+1 SF

Geof Anderson

+1 live streaming
New Orleans!!!

Anna Kucowska

+1 live streaming!

Allan Buntoengsuk

+1 SF, super hyped for this

Jason Lim

I'm in for an SF meetup

Daniel Fuentes

I'm down for a NYC meetup!

Johnny Linnert

Would love to join in the live stream.

Also, anyone interested in working with me to run a FramerJS workshop for fun in Tokyo?

JT DiMartile

Would stream this... would also be down for a Seattle meetup.

Andrea Trabucco Campos

+1 for NYC meetup

Joe Alfonso

Just getting in here for some Chicago love. Any others in the area?

Stefanie Hive

Count me in for live streaming from canada!

Jupiter St John

Love stream cali baby. Count us in Los Angeles

Josh Puckett

Sounds like it's time we host another Framer event :)

Chaitanya Mendu

+1 SF.

Kara Zor EL

Austin? Anyone? Bueller... Bueller...

Yako Yako

Hey i'm in France And i want to study too ???? Anyone ?

Derek Hunten


Naveed Qasim

How about meetup along with a live stream ? So others can join you too!

Kate Pincott

So down with this

Valerio Italiano

Would love to join in person in SF if after May 6 or join the live stream if earlier

Adria Jimenez

Hey Ben Adamson I'm the creator of this Framer course, there is already a lot of people that learned to use Framer with it. I hope it helps :)

Ben Blumenfeld

Designer Fund would be down to host depending on size of the crew and help with whatever :)

Raphael D'Amico

Happy to help teach in some way (Possibly a specific technique or two or just be around to help folks get started and work through projects)

Josh Puckett

Ben: what's Designers Funds?

Ash Adamson

Ben, sent you a message.

Robert Haverly

What ended up happening with this? Definitely interested in watching/attending a screencast of some kind

Ash Adamson
Raphael D'Amico

Wait, Apr 22 or May 25?

Ash Adamson

Raphael, thanks April 22, I fixed it!

Giovanni Caruso

no streaming I guess :/

Ash Adamson

Giovanni, no streaming YET. Once, we get the swing of things going, I will be adding streaming in future.

George Kedenburg III

stoked to hang with you all! i'm gonna drag along a few other FB peeps too so we should have a good time

Svet Denkov

+1 for the live cast if you can pull it off

Nick Bewley

Sold out already. Standing room?

Ash Adamson

Nick, I'll let you know if I can squeeze more. At the moment looks like it's going to be a full house!

Jenn Tran

Thank you so much George!!!!

Ash Adamson

Really excited about this, big thanks to George!

Nick Bewley

Thanks Ben!

Ash Adamson

Just made two volunteer spots if you'd get involved and help me with check-in and clean-up! Thanks

Joshua C. Harris

sold out!? Infinite sad faces :( :( :( - for those who can't attend: anyone just have some great links to good Framer Studio courses - I'm a designer and a Framer n00b (very little coding experience) and am looking to QUICKLY level up. Adria Jimenez's course is one I'll check out - looking for others though.

Ash Adamson

Live streaming in going to happen! So we're going to stream the event which will allow viewers to ask questions to mentors live.

This idea is a prototype so please bare with us :)

You can register for the online event here:

Ash Adamson

I'm opening up a few more spots for entry to the event. Please send me a message if you'd like to come :) Joshua, and others.

Ash Adamson

Live stream update! Jordan Robert Dobson and Chris Camargo will be mentoring the live stream portion along with any offline mentors who stop by.

Sign up here:

cc: Margo, Michał, Sil, Akshay, Geof, Anna, Johnny, JT, Stefanie, Jupiter St, Naveed, Valerio, Robert, Svet

Michał Sambora

Thanks Ben for notyfying :D

Valerio Italiano

Thanks Ben - unfortunately I'll be in the UK where it will be the middle of the night Looking forward to the next one.

Margo Prais

Ben, is gonna be video recording?

Daniel Fuentes

Margo Prais the cast will be archived "if it goes well", according to the crowdcast page

Ash Adamson

Haha! Daniel, Yeah it will be archived

Kate Pincott

I'm in the UK too. The archive video would be so helpful!

Daniel Fuentes


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