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Metin Saray
Posted Apr 08 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

I draw a container to use a mask for the album artworks. Then i want my ui to get on top of it. But whatever i do (index, bringToFront, placeBefore, placeBehind) my ui does not come on top of my drawed Layer (my mask)

What is the reason?



Josef Richter

did you try setting index on all layers? i.e. not just the one you want to bring forward.

Metin Saray

i tried to set index for all the related layers. It didn't work.

container = new Layer ({width: 1080, height: 334, y: 240, index: 2})
container.backgroundColor = "black"
ui.index = 1


Josef Richter

I think you need to specifically do container.index = 2 separately from the initialization.

Metin Saray

Done that too. The index works on other objects that i exported from Sketch. But it does not effect the object i draw.

Metin Saray

When i do index: 0, the container disappears. But it does not behave for any other parameter

Josef Richter

Could you share the project? Maybe someone will spot the problem somewhere else..

Metin Saray


My UI is underneath the artwork. Try to click on the 2nd song. You'll see the new artwork fades in

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