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William Song
Posted Apr 05 - Read on Facebook


Jonas Treub

Wow. So simple but good looking :)

Benjamin Den Boer

Oooh wow this is nice!

Jordan Robert Dobson

You might want to consider reusing some of those circles instead of creating them over and over? Looks damn cool though

John Namkyun Kim

so cool! kinda reminds me of the tap animation on the apple watch :D

Benjamin E Saravia

Hi, i just try your framer on the iphone. It won't work, I think " midX: ev.offsetX " and " midY: ev.offsetY" are not passing data , any idea?

Benjamin E Saravia

Oh... i just got it : it will work on my iphone with "Frames" & "Frameless" :)

Sergio Majluf

Really nice!!!! One of the first things I tried to replicate when I "met" Framer was a similar excercise that I did using p5.js (and processing before that).

Not wanting to hijack your post, but here it is.

How would you do the color change over time in FramerJS?

Benjamin E Saravia

Got it:
Here's the variation: = "4px solid hsl(#{iColor}, 100%, 70%)"
iColor = iColor + 4

Sergio Majluf

gotta love Coffescript and FramerJs scimplicity!

Benjamin E Saravia

True, for the times it's simple :)

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