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Nick Bewley
Posted Apr 03 - Read on Facebook

Coffeescript question. If I have an array:

arrows = [arrow1, arrow2, arrow3]

How do I iterate over the arrows individually so I can add a delay to their animation? Something like:

for arrow in arrows
__Utils.delay 0.5, ->

So that "arrow1" would appear first, "arrow2" would appear after the 0.5 delay, "arrow3" would appear after a delay of 1, etc..

Any ideas to help? Thanks a ton!


Chris Camargo

Have you tried Utils.delay (0.5 * arrow), ->

Chris Camargo

Since it's an array, it should produce a 0-based index, which would give you what you want.

Nick Bewley

Hey Chris! Thanks for posting! I tried what you have suggested above only the final arrow animates.. Maybe my implementation is flawed? Feel free to check this share link if you have a second and/or are interested:

Fran Pérez
Kevin Velasco

Where's that closure link that someone posted earlier?

Someone will find it eventually.

Anyway, wrap your delay function in a do () -> and pass arrow into it.

for arrow, index in arrows (arrow, index) ->
..........opacity: 1
........delay: 5*index

EDIT: Found it

EDIT2: actually, in this case, because there isn't a utils.delay call, it shouldn't need to be wrapped in a do.

Kevin Velasco

Also, try and use the animation class when you can. It's cleaner and easier to maintain.

Nick Bewley

Fran and Kevin that's awesome thanks a ton! Fran that is actually exactly what I was hoping to do.. Truly appreciate it. Kevin is that animation class documented anywhere? Couldn't find it on the framer site.. Appreciate you guys!

Fran Pérez
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