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Benny Chew
Posted Apr 02 - Read on Facebook

I'm working on a food app concept and this is my first test with the new PageComponent. As my scroll layer width is smaller than the device width, I'm running to a problem with the last page (card). Any idea how to fix this?
Also, how can I detect whether the user is swiping to the left or right? I want to set the current page to opacity 0.25 and the next to 1 and keeping track of the current page with a variable.


Benny Chew

I figured it out I think. I checked out Jorn van Dijk Twitter prototype and discoverd Utils.modulate. It's awesome!! Also decided to keep track of the current card and detect swipe direction, not sure if these are part of the class by default... Now I'm trying to figure out how to detect a 'succesful' swipe to next card. I tried Events.ScrollEnd but this just detects every end of drag, also when the user didn't complete the swipe. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks! Here is a new version of the prototype:

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