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Koen Bok
Posted Apr 28 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone. We couldn't be more excited to share our latest update: scroll and page components. Scrolling is a huge part of building great prototypes and as of now you can build everything you'd like.

The new scroll and page components are completely written in Framer with custom physics, based on an entirely rewritten layer.draggable. For examples and full documentation see our blog post.

Huge thanks to Devin Abbott for the initial work on this, and we can't wait to see what you guys make with it.


Koen Bok

Also, how do you guys like the new blog Benjamin made?

Johannes Eckert


Chris Camargo

Oh. My. God.

Chris Camargo


Johannes Eckert

best blog post yet. I like the combo of examples and tutorial and other news in the end. so exciting to see so many things going on!

Giovanni Caruso

Wow... excited for this update (... and happy to see that my n00b implementation of the Twitter Scroll was not that far from your PRO version :) )

George Kedenburg III

Johannes Eckert

extra sweet that you guys took the time to update the documentation at the same time! Is the event table up to date with events for scroll? Are there no events for the pageComponent yet?

Callil Capuozzo


Koen Bok

Johannes it's there. You see an old version. Probably cache.

Benny Chew

This is great, thanks!

Andrea Trabucco Campos

this is amazing — amazing releases over the last months!

Josef Richter

Perfect. Just in time before my Friday deadline, thanks a lot! :-)

Todd Hamilton

this is so awesome! thanks for another amazing update!!

Vikar Zhang

wow, this is really cool! This is all what I want! Thank you for your excellent work!

Alex Lingeman

Woop woop !

Kevin Chisaki

Awesome stuff guys! Keep it up!

Stephen Donaldson

I wrote this comment so I could double like :-D

Jordi Martinez Ortega

looking forward to learn more about layerAnchor :)

Ed Chao

Jared Palmer

So awesome.

Lucas Carmichael Lu

Robin Singh time to get Framer.

Nikolai Kutateli

Finally! This was my #1 reason for sticking with Origami instead of switching to Framer. Thank you

Blaine Billingsley


Erin Yang

Devin Abbott, I feel proud of your contribution!

Luke Warda


Johannes Eckert

Koen Bok I see a few events that are related to the new component, like Events.DirectionLockDidStart. I was thinking that a Events.PageDidChange would be helpful, too. I saw in one of the examples that a .on "change:currentPage" might do the same thing?

Hyun Soo Kim

Finally!!!! Thanks

Koen Bok

Johannes: it's indeed the same, but I'll do another pass on events to make them more consistent.

Daniel Maniés

Koen Bok: In the documentation of Framer Studio scroll.contentOffset is listed on the left, but the explanation on the right is missing.

Koen Bok

Pushing a new build with rotation and a bunch of other issues fixed.

Benjamin Den Boer

Thanks for the heads-up Daniel Maniés - on it.

Koen Bok

Johannes also, all scroll events work on PageComponent too. Benjamin maybe we can make that more clear.

Patrick Keenan

This new scroll view is incredibly awesome, it has made tons of my code obsolete which is so delightful! But... Is there a way to add tension/friction?

Benjamin Den Boer

Patrick Keenan you can adjust the momentumOptions and bounceOptions (of all draggable layers, so page/scroll.content.draggable). momentumOptions consists of friction and tolerance and bounceOptions consists of friction, tension and tolerance. :-)

Patrick Keenan

It just keeps getting better! Thanks Benjamin

Patrick Keenan

Doc bug: directionLock is documented as lockDirection. Took a bit to catch that

Benjamin Den Boer

Thanks Patrick Keenan - just fixed. :-)

Bernard Rouzeau

How do I upgrade my copy of Framer Studio? "Check for updates..." feature is disabled.

Mike Meyer

Bernard did you just start Framer Studio? I’m not sure if this is the case with Framer, but quite a few apps that I use automatically check for updates on startup, and they disable the “Check for Updates” link until the automatic check is complete.

Bernard Rouzeau

I'm not sure what was going on but I found and deleted an old Beta version of Framer that was still on my computer and that fixed the problem! It updated to v1.11.73. Thanks for your help!

James Matchett

I'm getting a reference error can't find variable scrollcomponent

Benjamin Den Boer

James Matchett - have you tried updating Framer, in case you're working within an older project? (File → Update Framer)

James Matchett

ahh didn't realize you had to update the file as well

Daniel Maniés

@Koen Bok and Benjamin Den Boer: Is it possible to storage the documentation in future updates? Sometimes I have to work offline and then the documentation window is blank.

Koen Bok

Daniel yes, noted.

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