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Wendy Lim
Posted Apr 02 - Read on Facebook

Hello, Another basic Q that's got me head-scratching. I have 2 different photoshop files that I'd like to use for my prototype. I've managed to import the two of them and can access layers ok. Is there a way to specify I want ALL layers in one of the PS files as hidden, but then specific specific sub-layers one at a time to be shown.


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Wendy Lim, yes! Let's see. Say you have a design with 4 layers, placed within 2 separate groups (groupA, groupB). You can loop over all of your imported layers first, and hide them.

Note that this will set the opacity of the group layers as well. So, tho show the subLayers of a particular group, we first show the group, and then loop over its subLayers as well.

Wendy Lim

Hey Benjamin Den Boer, woot. Ok have got it sort of working, except that I have more sublayers underneath that top level. So GroupB has some more further layers, which look like the for loop isn't covering? I know I could write a for name, layer for each of these as well, but is there a short-cut way?

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