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Ash Adamson
Posted Apr 02 - Read on Facebook

How does Framer.js choose which layers to show on top of others?

Is it first defined in code, is the top layer? I'm aware of superlayers and sublayers, but wondering if it's not defined where it decides to place things.

How are layers from Sketch prioritized in the stack?


Ian McClure

Think of it as a stack. When you create a layer, it get put on top. You can change this using a layer's index property. Are higher up the stack than lower numbers.

Ash Adamson

Thanks Ian, how do you change the layer index property?

How does the stack get affected by layers imported from Sketch?

Ian McClure

Never used sketch to import layers. I believe though an sketch project is imported as a single layer. Either way, I would think that Framer honors the layer hierarchy in Sketch so the bottom most layer is sketch is the bottom most layer in the import and the bottom of the stack.

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