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Neil J Krishnan
Posted Apr 08 - Read on Facebook

Hey all - I've been seeing questions related to Framer and other prototyping tools scattered across UX Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow, but there isn't an SE site dedicated to design prototyping/tooling. Thought I'd share the proposal for one (tool-agnostic) in case anyone else is also interested in seeing one made:


Jason Valenti

This is a good idea. I would assume the Framer founders are thinking about how to expand, serve and nurture a growing framer community. I would suggest taking a look at the open source project, Telescope. It makes it really easy to build a solid Q&A site.

Neil J Krishnan

Jason Valenti Telescope would be awesome too - the thinking behind trying Stack Exchange is leveraging the accounts/reputation people already have on the network. If the proposal doesn't get traction, it's definitely worth giving Telescope a shot

Jason Valenti

I agree!

Koen Bok

I'm fine with trying new things. I'll tag along if it gets momentum.

Josef Richter
Neil J Krishnan

^ Would be for any prototyping tool

Andreas Wahlström

I think discussions makes sense for facebook (pops up in your feed). But it would be nice if we could share our examples on a less moderated community page on with tags and proper titles.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Andreas Wahlström - you could put your examples up on

Andrew Pouliot

Hi, Andrew from Origami here. Seems like a reasonable approach to have a stackoverflow style site, because we get a lot of duplicate questions. It might be helpful to surface the most important questions and best answers to the questions. The community groups for framer and origami work decently well for now.
We're open to whatever is best for both of our communities.

Neil J Krishnan

Andrew Pouliot Agreed. Having content from the communities more discoverable through search engines could also be helpful

Jon Nguyen

As someone who is new to Framer, my first instinct was to go to Stack Overflow for my questions. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of activity there about Framer, but to me either SO or the UX Stack Exchange would be the preferable place rather than creating another one to check.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You guys know you can search this group??

Andrew Pouliot

I'm ok with just using Stack Overflow as well, with our own tags. Maybe it's worth having some sort of poll?

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