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Joshua Tucker
Posted Apr 01 - Read on Facebook

I didn't want to post this originally because the code isn't ready for everyone, but oh well! Soon though.

I'm working on a more comprehensive prototype to explore more ways to interact with multi-selection interactions like this. I'd love to see what your thoughts are or ideas! Cool area to adventure into.


Johannes Eckert

This is a super interesting gesture — works well if what you want to select are all adjacent objects. Maybe it makes sense for spotify to complete the gesture on end, but what if they keep their selected state and you can exclude one or two before comitting?

Wilbert Baan

Wow nice!

Joshua Tucker

Johannes Eckert Haha excellent question – this only is a sliver of how it could work. I am planning on putting together a "Multi-Selection Exposè" to describe all my thoughts. The issue you addressed is definitely going to be in there. I wasn't able to showcase everything in one concept.

Johannes Eckert

you know, in more tool-like interfaces (like some of our iPad apps for drawing) might have advanced gestures like this (or could use some). Like selecting with one finger and adding/excluding with another one while still holding the select-gesture. Interesting stuff!

Joshua Tucker

Johannes Eckert Right, exactly. Love your thoughts. We can definitely tackle this!

Will Sahatdjian

Awesome. Bought the license a while ago and I'm finally getting into it. This is good motivation.

Marc Krenn

Exactly my thoughts, Johannes! I'd do it this way:

GestureDrag >50% -> release: only this track gets cued

GestureDrag >50% -> then down -> release: cue ascending items (as shown above; btw, love it!)

GestureDrag =100% -> release -> slides all tracks to the right -> user selects tracks via tap -> GestureDrag back to the left confirms and cues selection

Shabam! This has some serious potential, congrats Joshua!

Joshua Tucker

Marc Krenn You've hit on some of the things I've thought about :), not sure about the change of direction (all the way to the right, tap, and then confirm with a left). Like I said, I will be posting something up soon! Stay tuned my friend!

Marcus Proietti


Peter Hilgersom

You're killing me Joshua, outstanding work

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