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Josef Richter
Posted Apr 02 - Read on Facebook

Dumb question: I've seen this line in one demo:

scrollLayer.draggable.inertialScroll = true

Is that built-in Framer stuff? Any documentation?

I've seen it in


Jordan Robert Dobson

I think it might be a property he added himself.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Lately, like when making a check mark I've been adding my layers to the parent layer object... this:

checkmark = new Layer...
# Add SubLayers
checkmark.icon = new Layer image: "/image/check.png" = new Layer backgroundColor: "#ffffff"
checkmark.outline = new Layer...

That way I just have to do:
checkmark.icon.visible = true

Instead of this:
checkmark.subLayersByName("icon")[0].visible = true

It's a lot more cleaner that way. :)

Josef Richter

it seems to be directly in the framer.js file though.. anyway, that would be a very useful module I think. given the limitations of scroll event.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Ah... perhaps it's some new stuff coming down the pipe. :D

Giovanni Caruso

Jordan Robert Dobson: any chance to add to this module some property to control scroll (and drag) direction? ;)

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