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David Lee
Posted Apr 01 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone played with Hype Pro 3? How would you compare it with Framer JS? Our team is trying to decide which tool would be better for us to use.


Josef Richter

As far as I know, Hype is animation tool. Like AfterEffects, but with html output. Whereas Framer is focusing on interactions (that can be animated, as a bonus :-). Haven't seen the latest Hype though.

Andreas Mitschke

Hype has nothing to do with interaction prototyping out of the box except you abuse it for that matter, but then it is kinda underwhelming in function as platforms like pixate are the better choice for the "non coder".

It is another HTML animation engine comparable to Adobe Edge. Framer is a js framework for advanced interaction animation on code level.

The difference is pretty huge as Hype is more like an WYSIWYG editor which creates (ugly) HTML/CSS output you can then implement somewhere. You know the typical designer who can't code at all platform.

Personally, I'd advise a "team" to first give every potential option a scant 30 minutes before "deciding" what to use. Then you most certainly will already be sure what to use for what case.

Kyungsik Yoon

The company behind Hype Pro is making an app development tool suite for both designers and developers. What do you guys think?

Márton Szabó

Kyungsik Yoon I haven't found anything about whether the two are related or not. how do you know this?

Marc Krenn

Kyungsik: Ha, that's very interesting! Thanks for the link.

At first glance, Fuse appears to be a famer.js-clone but its scope seems to be on letting you build "real" apps instead of "just" interactive prototypes.

Kyungsik Yoon

Marton Márton Szabó I may have been wrong about the connection between those products...sorry for the confusion.

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