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Bert Timmermans
Posted Mar 31 - Read on Facebook

I have been experimenting with Framer.js for just 2 weeks now. And I am already using it for client work. Here is an example including some modules I have written to make it work nicely.


Marc Krenn

Very nice!

Josef Richter

Nice work. I'd suggest you use Framer.Device.screen.width / height and make the layout flexible for various screen sizes. Especially for Android. Your clients will be sharing the link among their team, and if it looks good on everybody's device, they will love you, I'm telling you ;-)

Dylan Opet

Nice work man!

Johannes Eckert

this is sweet! The slider module in here is particularly interesting! I'm trying to look into the code to learn more about it

Joseph Kim


Roy Li


Winthan Aung

Yes, Josef Richter's comment is right, you might wanna use screen.width/height.

Sudhir Nain

Any other tips to make the prototype fit more screens? Can images have % width?

Jason Wiener

Very pretty. Great job getting going so quickly. But yeah screen size that sucker! Here's iPhone 6

Sankalp Agrawal

So good!!

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