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Koen Bok
Posted Mar 31 - Read on Facebook

Just to be sure; did everyone discover that since the last update you can hold command and click any image or module to reveal it?


Jacky Lee

get outta here! Thanks for the tip!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yeah. And the same for modules! It will open in your editor. I need to figure out getting Coda setup though.

Jonas Treub

Jordan: if you go to the .coffee / .js module in Finder and right-click "Get Info", now set Coda as the preferred app to open with. Next select "Change All...". Now Coda will be used to open your modules from within Studio :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Awesome!!! I was able to add this in as well: I definitely prefer the coloring in Framer... but it's better than using Ruby mode.

Andreas Wahlström

now we just need a preview of the image while holding down cmd ;)

Jason Ogle

Very minor quibble (hopefully in context), but would love to see the editor not input two end quotes (sort of like Sublime Text) knowing that's what I intend, my manual end-quote should just put me at the end of the line, not create a second quote.

Jonas Treub

Jason Ogle: do you have the latest version? We fixed it in the latest release

Jason Ogle

I do now, and there it is. Thanks Jonas Treub!

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