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Jon Arnold
Posted Mar 28 - Read on Facebook

Koen Bok Jorn van Dijk Folder names with germanic umlauts (ä ü ö) seem to cause problems when sharing a prototype. In Framer Studio it works fine.

By the way, great update! It's getting better everytime!


Johannes Eckert

I think I found a problem with spaces in folder names, too. Some prototypes (like statusbar 3.framer) don't open when mirroring. Framer will load but display an error with "project not found"

Johannes Eckert

unfortunately, can't reproduce. It's working today. What I noticed that the framer mirror URL is stripping out spaces from framer project files. But with a new test project it's working

Rob Trillo

' and ç in a media file name killed the new clickability of media source string

Koen Bok

Thanks for reporting! I'll fix it.

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