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Jason Valenti
Posted Mar 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi Everyone! I find Framer to be so incredibly useful in my design process. I used framer to quickly prototype a new tweet feature for Twitter on android. I wrote a story on how I used Framer to accomplish this. You can check it out!


Stephen Crowley

I as thinking about the use of navigation iconography to disregard the tweet, it's interesting. I question whether it clearly communicates the action of “cancel”. Proximity of the profile image and the button itself made me feel like I had to be too precise when tapping it. I also wonder with quant data if twitter’s primary user group are passive observers who do not compose tweets. By having it as a dominant feature this could decrease user engagement- again, I am also just making assumptions here. This also could be just me but does the animation when hitting the compose button feel a bit abrupt? Thanks for sharing your design and writing an explanation!

Lucas Carmichael Lu

Thanks for sharing Jason :)

Jason Valenti

Thanks for reading guys! The composer does feel a bit sluggish. Cheers!

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