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Chris Camargo
Posted Mar 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi Frameristos! Question for the community. My work with Framer has been getting noticed at the office and I've been asked to help put together a few lessons to help teach Framer to others who are interested. I've never taught this stuff before, and even consider myself to be a beginner, so I'm like 0_0

Do you guys have any pointers, or ideas about curriculum and how to present this stuff to newbies? I can certainly run them through building a few things, but I'd like to offer them something a bit more foundational first, and build on top of that. Any thoughts? Anything helps! :) Thanks in advance.


Jason Valenti

I suggest showing them a prototype and then walk them through it line by line. One of your example or one from the official site would work just fine. I would suggest a very simple but usable example. Show them something they can actually use in projects.

Koen Bok

Check out our teach page too!

Stephen Crowley

I hosted Framer lunch and learns at our office and feedback I got was really about moving between sketch/photoshop and into Framer. The word "code" is intimidating to some so starting with building in the environment they are use to and bringing it into Framer helps (keep the problem and solution minimal). This was pre-teach page- I walked through simple multi-page app and that taught the basics. Good luck!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Check out what Jay Stakelon put together... I think he does a great overview in his "slides" You could probably borrow a few things from that... I know I will be for my talk. But Mine is about prototyping in general.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Also, fucking congrats man!

Chris Camargo

Jordan, thanks. I didn't get here without help. :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Let me know if you need help tracking down the slides.

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