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Constantin Jacob
Posted May 26 - Read on Facebook

Quick dumb-ass question:

Does the framer dir structure play nicely with Git? Thinking about setting up Gitlab on Linode to have everything in one place.

Thanks and see you all in Berlin soon!


Koen Bok

It does, I even include a nice .gitignore file by default in new projects ;-)

Constantin Jacob

Great. Thanks a lot!! Might write something up for all less git-savy here :)

Tarun Chakravorty

Constantin that'd actually be really useful !

Peter Ng

Koen Bok would be a bad idea to gitignore everything in framer/** ?

Josef Richter

seems like we all sometimes forget that framer projects are just html+css+js :-)

Koen Bok

Peter I ignore some files. Because it's nice that you can bundle your Framer projects with the version that you made them in, so they will never break.

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